Hello world!

Wow !!!!!!!!

So i finally did it and started blogging, this blog will basically be where i can rant and vent about any and everything that happens in my life, am a regular girl with slangs and all that so i hope you enjoy it .

Well just a few words, I am a young girl, married, scratch that newly married and not only did i get married, i had to pack my things and move to another continent. Don’t get me wrong I Thank God for all his mercies and favour, but its a lot of work

First things first, you can’t pack 15 boxes and say you are ¬†moving to your husbands house in London ,in naija yes u can do that, just rent one of those half DEAD TRUCKS … but to travel with the 15 boxes, babes you have got to relax, if not for your sanity, or the cost, remember the rude airline people you will meet at the airport ( simply downright rude)

Anyways had to pack all i had to show in the past twenty something years into three concise boxes, all them clothes, shoes,bags, jewellery  (crying ). I had to virtually choose what to take and what not to take,hmmmm, the hardest thing for a girl to do, While keeping in mind the clothes that will be useless( sheer and light ) and keeping the thick and long covering ones for the ever so cold weather .SMH

I know that i have a lot of people praying for me, those that obtained clothes, bags, shoes, makeup etc. It is well

Anyways so am now in the oyibo land, don’t get it twisted, this is not my first time here, i actually schooled in the Uk, and have been to several other zones by Gods Grace , so am quite conversant but you know how at the back of your mind you look forward to those naija holidays. Anyway I moved back to Nigeria in 2012 so i have kinda rejoined the grind , but moving back to the Uk and knowing that this is Home now, its a different ball game .

Anyhow am on an unpacking and finding and owning my space p

Lemme get back to it and till we see again, xoxoxooxoxoxoxo